Have you been struggling to grow your e-commerce business? Increasing the number of e-commerce payments made on your site daily is tough, but it is possible. While there are plenty of ways to increase the amount of revenue your business brings in each day, not all techniques are too successful. Here are three ways that should help increase the number of shoppers visiting and making purchases on your site.

1. Target a highly specialized audience
According to Forbes, targeting an extremely specific market is going to increase the success of your online store. While the products you sell should already be fairly focused on a certain market, Forbes suggested making your marketing to an even more granular level.

First, start by looking at your target market and then dividing that market up into sections, then, using previous e-commerce payment information, you should find the most profitable group of people and market directly to them via social media advertising, pay-per-click ads and other marketing efforts.

2. Personalize your marketing and communications
When you talk specifically to individual customers, you can build a stronger relationship with your customers, which can translate into sales. According to Forbes, customers demand one-of-a-kind experiences. A good way to provide this to them is to send them custom content, Hubspot reported.

Personalization is a great tool for email marketing, but it doesn't have to be limited to email messages. It works well with any kind of content marketing. Hubspot said to send out white papers, spec sheets and eBooks to customers that can really use them. This will help assure them that you have their best interest at heart.

According to Hubspot, personalization can help guide customers through the buyer's journey as long as you're tracking relevant customer information. Have a customer register with your site and provide some basic information. That way you can make product recommendations and market in ways specific to them.

3. Optimize your store for mobile shoppers
According to VentureHarbour, e-commerce store owners should not only make sure that their website has a mobile version, but that every part of the mobile-ready site is extremely easy to use via mobile devices. It does little good to have a store that looks great on a mobile device but has a checkout process that is optimized for a desktop or laptop.

VentureHarbour cited data from IBM that around 26 percent of all online sales made via affiliate sites were made on mobile devices, meaning that mobile is extremely important.

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