A nonprofit's website is an extremely important part of its operation. Online giving is slowly becoming more popular. Although online giving is only a small portion of overall giving – around 10 percent – it is growing faster than overall giving is, according to The Network for Good Digital Giving Index. Because online giving is becoming more common, nonprofits should focus on making their websites more conducive to giving. 

1) Make giving an option on every single page 
While most of the website space should be designated to tell potential donors or volunteers about what the nonprofit does, why it's important and how they can help, always make sure to provide a way for people to get to a donate page with one click. No matter what page of the website the potential donor is on, you want to have a way for them to easily make a donation. While making donating simple is a must, don't skimp on content. The website is one of the best places to showcase programs and recent events and should mainly be focused on highlighting the nonprofit's successes. 

2) Provide plenty of payment options for donors 
By the time most potential donors get to the page that allows them to make a donation, they are sold on the idea of making a contribution, but if the website doesn't support their preferred method of payment, they might balk. To get as many online donation dollars as possible, try to provide potential donors with a number of options to facilitate payment processing. Credit and debit card options are great, but by adding ACH payments or local payment options, the site might be able to pull in more dollars.

3) Incorporate social media into the design 
Incorporation of social media into the design of your website will show donors that you're involved in the community online and allow them to interact with people in that community. It will also allow them to easily share that they have donated money to help an important cause, an action that could inspire others to do so as well. A website that integrates social media well will make switching between social media and the nonprofit's website simple and as seamless as possible. 

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