Running a magazine in today’s market is difficult. The audience your magazine used to market to has become highly fragmented. This makes it hard to appeal to a large number of people and keep subscription numbers high. Luckily, there are steps you can take with your magazine and business that should help increase subscriptions. Here are five things you can try:

Vary subscription options
At this point you likely have both a print and digital version of your magazine as well as a website and social media platforms. That’s a lot to manage, but you can actually use all of these different techniques  to help you vary your subscription options. You can make your print magazine and digital magazine a separate subscription or a bundle package. While your social media channels and website should be free and supported by advertisements and other online revenue practices, you can use them to drive traffic to your paid subscription publications.

Also, consider having different ways of billing your subscriptions. You obviously need to have several methods for subscribers to pay including direct debit, credit card payments and any local payment options. Also, consider offering different billing schedules: monthly, quarterly or annually. Try to get subscribers to sign up for automatic payments. This will ensure they don’t have to worry about payment processing again unless there is an issue.

Refocus your content on the audience
Varying subscription options is a great way to give the customer a method of payment that works for them, but if they aren’t happy with the content, they won’t subscribe in the first place. Because the audience is so fragmented it can seem smart to try to create content that is appealing to everyone, but that simply doesn’t work. In general it’s smarter to try and focus your content even more on your target audience. Niche markets are a great way to run a subscription business. You need to focus your content and your business to fully appeal to the industry you’re a part of. According to Entrepreneur, niche marketing is about meeting specific needs. Find out what your subscribers want and then give them specifically that.

Integrate social media
Social media is a great way to show how your magazine is addressing the needs of your audience. Through social media, you can connect and reach the right kinds of people and get them to subscribe to your magazine. You should entice them with postings about upcoming articles and content on the website that’s relevant to them. It the content is compelling enough, they will subscribe.

Market online and offline
While online is definitely very important in today’s market, don’t forget the power of direct mail or billboard ads. Consider getting creative with your marketing. Don’t just buy some billboard space, consider having banners at industry happenings, or sponsoring an upcoming event that your audience would be interested in.

Make sure your content is good for mobile
Millions of people use their phones to read news and magazine articles every single day. Because of this, you need to ensure your content is viewable on a wide variety of mobile devices. This is true for both your website and digital magazine.