Mobile computing has become a major driver of sales for Internet retailers. More and more smartphone and tablet users regularly choose to make e-commerce payments from their mobile devices. Many other people simply search for information via their phone, which can lead to sales. According to Kissmetrics, 78 percent of people searching for local business data on their phone ended up making a purchase. This means your e-commerce store needs to be optimized for mobile use. Here are six different ways to make your site more appealing to mobile shoppers:

1. Make your site responsive
The first step to appealing to mobile online shoppers is to make your website responsive to the device they're using. If you don't have a responsive site, there is little chance shoppers are going to be able to easily navigate your site to make a purchase. Many mobile users will simply leave as soon as they see they have to deal with the desktop version of your site, and some sites won't even load correctly on mobile devices. While there are other ways to make your online retail store more attractive to mobile shoppers, having a responsive site is the most important.

2. Support multiple payment methods
Currently, how can your customers pay for their purchase? Do they have to use a credit card or do you give them the option of direct debit? Some customers aren't going to complete the checkout process if the payment processing method they prefer isn't listed. When it comes to mobile shopping it's even more paramount that you offer several methods. Mobile users likely have mobile wallet options enabled on their device, or they may want to pay through a third-party provider. While you can't accommodate everyone, make sure to offer several different ways to pay.

3. Have great images
Low-quality images look bad on a screen of any size, and they won't help you sell any products. Post only high quality pictures of your products. This will ensure your items look great even when someone has zoomed in on the picture with their mobile device. According to Internet Retailer, people have come to your site to look at your products and possibly buy them. If you don't give them a clear view of your products, they'll just go elsewhere.

4. Create strong written product descriptions
Similar to your pictures, you need to have high quality descriptions. Don't be scared to get creative, just don't get too long. Try to keep things engaging, informative and precise. You want to tell customers what they want to know as fast as possible.

5. Make sure product videos work on mobile devices
Product videos are a great way to add another layer of information to your website. Videos add a dynamic to your site that descriptions and images simply can't achieve. However, if the videos aren't optimized for mobile users, they won't do you much good. Make sure your videos are easily viewable via smartphones and tablets. In a separate Internet Retailer article it was noted mobile users won't waste time on a site that doesn't load. The same can be said for videos on your site. If the rest of the page loads quickly but the video takes several seconds to begin once it's clicked on, you're not going to have many people view it. Make sure your videos load quickly.

6. Simplify checkout
According to the Baymard Institute, on average online shopping cart abandonment rates hover around 68 percent. One way to reduce this number is to simplify the checkout process, according to Internet Retailer. Mobile shoppers are generally even busier than desktop and laptop users. They can easily be distracted from their purchase, so the shorter the checkout process, the better.