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PacNet Services is an international payment processing company founded in 1994 by a team of international banking experts in Vancouver, Canada. The company initially offered check and credit card processing, instantly earning a reputation as the world’s leading provider of international payment processing services to the direct response industry.

Today, PacNet offers one of the widest ranges of traditional and alternative payment types, including card processing, ELV, direct debit, giro transfers, electronic transfers, checks, and more. PacNet’s universal payment processing engine, Raven, allows merchants to process domestic and cross-border payments for every sales channel: e-commerce, direct mail, call centers, DRTV and more, with no compromise.

PacNet serves the domestic and international payment processing needs of not only large blue-chip companies, but small and medium-sized businesses as well. Please visit our homepage to view more information about our payment processing solutions in virtually every market.

World Payments Guide

In addition to providing a complete range of payment processing services, PacNet publishes the World Payments Guide, a 725 page country-by-country guide to currencies, banking and consumer payment preferences around the world. The World Payments Guide is available in hard copy and online.

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