Batch Preparation

Pre-sorting Checks

Before feeding checks through the check scanner, it is best to sort them by payee and value, ensuring that all are facing forward and are properly aligned. Pre-sorting the checks can improve speed and accuracy during the scanning process.

Virtually all U.S. checks can be electronically converted. The ACH network supports electronic clearing of U.S. dollar personal checks and money orders that are drawn on a U.S. bank account. Check 21 and use of image replacement documents allows us to support electronic submission of business checks and checks that are not eligible for clearance through the ACH network. Please note that the check number field will be blank when processing money orders.

Some checks cannot be cleared because the associated accounts are known to be blocked. Possible reasons include, but are not limited to, account closed, account holder is deceased, account holder is a known multibuyer, etc. Blocked items that were not removed prior to scanning will be moved into the reject pocket of the scanner as they are read. If your scanner model does not have a reject pocket, checks can be removed manually. Blocked items can be shredded or returned to the customer.

Blocked items that have been scanned will appear within the batch file in red as blocked, rejected items.