Check Processing

The Advantages

Through PacNet’s worldwide accounts and banking contacts we can deposit and clear third-party checks in the national currencies of over 70 countries. We give our clients access to their funds quickly, usually within 24 hours. The combined volume of checks in any given currency allows PacNet to negotiate remarkably low rates on all check processing.

Traditional Check Processing at PacNet

Send checks and postal orders to us in batches, as often as necessary, straight from your remittance processing or fulfillment centre. Sending batches via international courier is easy and poses no significant delay to check processing.

We count and confirm the value of each batch deposit on the same day we receive it, which is more convenient than waiting for the monthly statement usually provided by a bank.

According to your wishes, funds can be wired to the bank account of your choice, deposited directly, sent as a check or maintained as a credit balance on your client account at PacNet.

Send Refunds by Check via PacNet

When customers send payments by local-currency check, they expect to be refunded in the same way. Send local-currency check payments by first class mail or courier. A personalized payment insert with your company’s message can be included at no extra cost to improve brand awareness.

Are you looking for check issuing? Ask us about check issuing for rebates, prizes and more.

Currency Capabilities

In key international markets, offering customers local-currency prices and payment options can raise response rates while you enjoy easy access to funds in whichever currency you need.

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