Direct Debit

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is a payment type where merchants have permission to electronically debit the account of their payers for a pre-agreed sum.

In virtually every market, Direct Debit offers merchants the ability to better predict their cashflow and maintain a positive relationship with their customers, without the friction of invoices and payment reminders.

Direct Debit Processing

The Advantages


Ensures timely payment


Lowers administrative costs associated with payment reminders and follow-up


Reduces customer attrition and increases renewals through monthly payment programs


Simple, Easy and Convenient

Customers enjoy direct debit for its convenience. It’s a joy to know that bills will automatically be paid, and that it’s possible to cancel at any time. Customers can provide their account information by email, fax, mail, telephone or online, and rest assured that their payments will be made on time every month.

Account Information
Submitting Payments via Raven Online

Submitting Payments

Direct debit is an important payment type for subscriptions, memberships, monthly donations and association dues in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, the US and various other countries around the world. It’s known by different names in various markets, including ACH, EFT debit, e-Check and ELV, but the service is essentially the same. Submit a file of payment information to PacNet for processing, then enjoy fast access to funds in whichever bank account you use today.

Keeping Records

It is necessary to keep records of direct debit authorization on hand in case your customer’s bank would ever like to question a transaction. The period of time you must keep the authorization varies from country to country.

For further information about direct debit processing, including a complimentary consultation and indication of rates, please call or email today. We will be pleased to advise you as to whether or not direct debit is appropriate for your international campaigns.

Keeping Records

Currency Capabilities

In key international markets, offering customers local-currency prices and payment options can raise response rates while you enjoy easy access to funds in whichever currency you need.

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