The product page of your e-commerce website is extremely important. When customers are presented with the right kind of page, they are encouraged to make a purchase. For that reason it's vital to ensure the pages of your website are optimized and show customers everything they could want to see. Here is some product page advice to consider:

Give good information
If you want to increase the number of e-commerce payments and ship more products, focus on providing all of the information your customers could ever need in your product descriptions. Don't rely on the manufacturer's description or just write a sentence or two. According to LemonStand, well-written, persuasive copy is more important than many people realize. Creative copy can drive sales, and you should make an effort to write strong, informative descriptions for every single product. 

In addition to written content, consider adding a video for each product that gives even more information and shows the product features. You don't have to spend a lot of money on the videos. Even a short video showing the product from a number of different angles can be helpful to customers. 

Have a high-quality picture
A large, clear image of the product is going to help sales. The more customers can see, the easier it is for them to make the decision to buy. Provide several different views and angles of the product. This will help ensure the customer can see everything that they want to see.

Don't distract from the product
Your entire website should be free of clutter, but this goes double for your product pages. You don't want anything that will distract from the item on the screen. Shopify said that the core of your product page should be focused on selling the item and collecting online payments. For this reason, it suggested an uncluttered approach. Don't have busy sidebars, headers or footers. Just highlight the product. The shopper is on the page to see it.

Make the payment page a click away
Online payments should be easy to make, so always have your payment page a simple click away. An easy-to-see button on a product page that will direct shoppers to input their information for payment processing will help ensure they can easily make a purchase when they want to. 

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