Electronic Check Processing

Capture and Deposit Service

Should you have high volumes of US checks to cash, take advantage of our Raven remote capture and deposit service. Using a check scanner provided by PacNet, you can quickly and accurately convert batches of paper checks to electronic check files and submit them to PacNet via a secure internet link.

Files can be designated as Image Replacement Documents (IRD) or as ACH converted check files (ARC) depending on your needs.

You do not have to be in the United States to take advantage of electronic check processing and you do not require a US bank account. No matter where you operate, funds are available to you on the next business day by wire transfer to the account you designate.

International Payment Processing Solutions for Publishers

The Advantages of Electronic Check Processing



Paper checks are non-replaceable documents. Remote check capture and presentment eliminates the risk of lost or stolen deposits.


Robust Reporting Capabilities

24/7 secure access to account activity reports and payment details keeps business-critical information at your fingertips.



Use the scanned image to verify amounts quickly and easily.

Speed of Handling

Using our remote capture and deposit software, you will be able to capture up to 60 checks per minute, and upload completed batches of checks for deposit in seconds.


Reduced Transport Costs

Save money on courier charges by sending electronic check files.

Speed of Payment

Faster deposits mean faster access to funds.

Ship / No-Ship Decisions Made Easier

Faster notification of dishonored items results in better fulfillment decisions.

Clear image of check raven interface

The Process

The Raven scanner interface displays a clear image of each check as it is captured by the system. Amounts can be verified for greater accuracy. Further information, such as name, address and telephone number can also be keyed by the operator, should these details be required.

Once you are finished scanning checks, making your deposit is easy. Simply upload the file using PacNet’s secure Raven Online portal. PacNet’s Raven electronic check processing system will pick up the file and respond within minutes with a receipt.

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