According to Pinterest's blog, soon iPhone and iPad users will be able to buy products straight from the site. The social media company said that many Pinterest users and several businesses have been asking for this feature for some time. While not all of the products represented by the pins will be for sale directly from the site, many will be. Retailers who will have buyable pins include Macy's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. There will also be a number of products from a few brands available through the e-commerce sites Spotify and Demandware, including Micheal​'s and Cole Haan. 

What Pinterest is doing right
Pinterest's buyable pins are pretty promising from an e-commerce standpoint. It will be interesting to see how the company executes its new plan. 

  • Listening to the market
    Although Pinterest states that many of its users and businesses have been asking for buyable pins for some time now, executives decided to wait until they were sure they wanted to do it. Pinterest didn't rush to create buyable pins. They used data from both the people using and pinning the products, and the businesses who wanted to sell their products.
  • Simplifying the buying process
    According to the Pinterest blog, when pinners see a blue "Buy It" button on a pin, they can purchase the product from the site. Once they click on that, they are redirected to a checkout page that uses Apple Pay and a secure credit and debit card processor to make sure the transaction goes through. Because many people use the site on their phone, the checkout process has been optimized for mobile use. 
  • Keeping customers in mind
    Pinterest is essentially giving stores a free way to advertise their products by not charging for buyable pins. Pinterest execs say their only concern is providing pinners with the best possible experience. 

What other e-commerce sites should notice
The key takeaway from Pinterest's buyable pins announcement is that the company is listening to the market. The company took the feedback it had been given by both the consumer and the retailers, and found a way to provide a service to both parties at the same time. While this is rarely an option, it is important to note. All e-commerce companies should take in information and suggestions from customers and use that feedback to improve. 

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