According to Entrepreneur, email marketing still has the highest engagement rate of any marketing strategy. In fact, MarketingSherpa found that consumers prefer email over any other channel of communication. Emails are the most convenient way to send one message directly to an infinite number of users, and that message can contain nearly anything. Emails alert users to sales, inform them of new debit card offers or test general response to a new store policy. Although consumers prefer email marketing, there's still room to improve open and click-through rates with this method.

Write quality, not quantity
If an email isn't engaging, consumers won't read it. People check their email frequently, but they don't want to spend a long time doing so – especially if they deem the content is uninteresting or too lengthy. Businesses need to get a clear, engaging message across as quickly as possible to raise open rates.

E-commerce stores should also examine the titles of their emails. According to Convince and Convert, 69 percent of recipients will mark an email as spam based purely on the subject line. Entrepreneur suggested avoiding certain common expressions in order to dodge the "spam" label. Phrases like "deal," "rich" and "limited-time offer" tend to trigger an inbox's filter.

Use videos
Videos allow for an approachable tone and casual conversation. They're also easier to share, thus encouraging email recipients to spread the information among their friends. Practical Ecommerce recommended using still images with an overlapping play button as opposed to embedding a video file within an email. Embedding drastically increases an email's file size, whereas the still image can link to a company site where the video is hosted instead.

Personalize emails
People enjoy feeling like individuals, not part of a data set. According to eWeek, companies need to do more to understand the unique needs of their clientele.

"We've previously found that most companies have little more than transactional history about customers, yet for email personalization, behavioral data has become quite prominent," Andrew Jones, a research analyst at VB Insight, told eWeek. "Behavioral data is not collected as commonly, but is more valuable as an indicator of real-time interest and intent."

Companies should use this data to make customer emails more personal. According to VB Insight, even the most minute personalization increases open and click-through rates.

MarketingSherpa detailed the case of The Expert Institute, a startup service for attorneys, investment firms and legal experts. When the company sent out emails with personalized subject lines, its open rate grew from 30 percent to 60 percent, and its click-through rate reached 20 percent. Cutting back on the number of emails – it had been sending one per week and switched to one each month – led to fewer people unsubscribing from future correspondence.

Companies that hope to see a higher volume of e-commerce payments from their emails must write personal, high-quality copy. Engaging consumers encourages click throughs and reduces the chance of ending up in the spam folder.

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