A lot of planning, energy and passion goes into establishing an e-commerce business. Owners must create budgets, design branding materials, find the most efficient source of inventory, purchase a domain, find a payment processing company and much more. It's a very successful feeling once all the preparation is finished and a business opens its online store for the first time. Yet, that feeling diminishes rapidly without customers. Business owners are left frustrated and discouraged, afraid their hard work has been for nothing.

This is why visibility is so important for an online store's success. A strong presence brings attention, which leads to word-of-mouth marketing. Eventually, this attention creates the consistent consumer base that sustains a business throughout the years.

Increasing visibility
There are several ways a new organization can increase its visibility and get those first few online payments. One method is to partner with like-minded – but not directly competitive – businesses. This brings new shoppers to both parties and lets them collaborate on future endeavors. Emerging businesses should consider working with bloggers or other content creators. Such individuals already have a wide, dedicated viewership to direct to their partners.

It's also important to have a sturdy online presence to encourage curious clients. These days, people first turn to the Internet when they hear about a new business. Joe Palko, chief marketing officer for e-commerce platform provider 3dcart, spoke with Business News Daily on the importance of marketing online.

"You want to build a strong customer base, who ultimately become ambassadors for your brand," he said to Business News Daily. "Having an online marketing plan and publishing compelling online content allows customers and fans of your product to find your business as well as spread the word through their social networks."

He suggested creating interesting, custom Web content based on popular keywords. Small-business owners should also list their companies on review platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. This creates an atmosphere of trust between businesses and consumers and lets shoppers know a company isn't afraid of being seen. Reviews and social media also increase customer engagement, encouraging viewers to share content to their friends and spread new brands online.

Small businesses encounter unexpected struggles, but a lack of sales shouldn't be one of them. By increasing their visibility, new owners ensure success and a dedicated set of clients and customers.

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