The lifeblood of any nonprofit or charitable organization is the donations it receives from supporters and constituents. These monetary gifts allow a 501(c)(3) to achieve its foundational mission and support the individuals or causes it was created for.

However, technological advancements have completely revamped giving transactions. In the past, it was not uncommon for an individual to make a donation by simply mailing in a check to their favorite charity or nonprofit. Now that times have changed, many people have turned to more alternative ways to lend their financial support.

Some enjoy the ease and convenience of making an online donation using a debit card, and completing their transaction on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Others would rather contribute by calling their favorite charity and giving over the phone. Regardless of the method, many nonprofits are scrambling to modernize their giving platforms in accordance with the times and what is considered trendy.

Creating an online portal or dedicated hotline that can be used to collect donations via check, and then processing these transactions through an automated clearing house, is the most efficient option for charitable organizations. By simply removing many of the hurdles that constituents will have to clear using old, outmoded processes, a nonprofit can drive a much higher level of donations and improve the likelihood of receiving recurring gifts.