With the rise of the Internet and more people switching to their phones, tablets and smart TVs to watch content, you might think direct response television (DRTV) advertising is dead, but it's still quite strong. Inc reported the infomercial industry could be worth anywhere from $200 billion to $300 billion. While that's a big gap, it's still a lot of money either way.

Despite new technology, DRTV remains successful. However, in order to create successful DRTV ads, there are numerous steps companies must take.

Use a traditional DRTV agency
According to Hubspot, traditional agencies aren't usually equipped to put together DRTV campaigns. This means even if an advertising agency says it can do it, you might be better off going with an agency that specializes in infomercials. The industry has been around a while and the practices in it are proven to work. For that reason, you will want someone who fully understands best practices and how to execute them. 

Focus on information
Thought leadership is a big deal in marketing. While you should certainly be establishing yourself as a thought leader online, you can do the same thing on DRTV. Infomercials are called infomercials for a reason – they provide information to customers. While DRTV ads do push hard for the sale, they are still providing people with details. In that sense, your online marketing and your DRTV ads should match up. 

Utilize multiple payment options
Everybody knows the point of a DRTV ad is to get people to call in. When this occurs make sure you can accommodate all callers. It would be unfortunate if the customer got all the way to talking to a sales representative and then decided not to buy because they couldn't pay how they wanted to. Debit card and credit card transactions are going to be your best bet, but offering ACH payments or outbound payment options for refunds and rebates is also important.

Make the offer worthwhile
Some DRTV ad campaigns aren't successful simply because the offer they're extending to customers is weak. The power of a good offer can entice people to buy, or at least grab their attention , according to Marketsmith Inc. Offering people a good product for a great price with some decent shipping options and possibly a gift will put any DRTV campaign on track for success.

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