Direct response television campaigns can be an extremely successful part of your business's marketing efforts. However, DRTV needs to be handled in the right way to drive the best results. Well-executed DRTV campaigns are engaging and informative, but the very best ones are run by people who know their customers, offer several methods of payment and are connected to other marketing efforts.

Do market research
Before a business ever creates a DRTV campaign, they need to make sure they understand how their product appeals to their customer. Market research in the form of surveys, studies, reports and other collections of information will help retailers find the best way to identify to their customers and create the best message for the DRTV campaign. According to Moulton Logistics Management, market research also provides you with an idea of what your competitors are doing in terms of packaging, pricing, marketing strategy, etc.

Offer the payment type they need
Any business utilizing DRTV advertisements should offer their customers several ways to pay for the product once they choose to make a purchase. Credit card processing is a must, but direct debit and other alternative payment options, such as local payment methods, can help customers feel more comfortable making a transaction. When creating a DRTV campaign, make sure you have a payment processing company that can handle multiple forms of processing. 

Connect your DRTV with other channels
While the DRTV campaign is definitely different than other forms of marketing, it still needs to work with other marketing channels. The business's blog, website, online paid advertising, mobile advertising, traditional advertising methods, such as print news and radio needs to be connected. As well as anything else the business does to market products and services. A consistent brand message will help customers realize why they should make a purchase.

Content marketing can be a great addition to a DRTV campaign. According to Kingstar, a direct media company, content with great information and a clear call to action has the potential to inspire immediate action from consumers. Blog posts and white papers can give customers the additional information they need and move them through the sales funnel, bringing them closer to completing a transaction or, at the very least, talking with a salesperson via chat or over the phone. Kingstar stated many people who respond to DRTV advertisements do so online, increasing the need for plenty of strong content.

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