Running a magazine in today's difficult digital market has many publishers scrambling to improve revenue and land advertisers. While it may seem more difficult now to have a profitable publication, it's still possible if you're doing the right things to increase subscription sales. Here are some techniques that will help you do just that:

Increase quality
In order to have subscribers, you have to put out a magazine that not only has interesting content, but is also extremely appealing visually. According to PressPad, a digital marketing company, when it comes to visual design the cover of the magazine plays a significant role. Ensure that the cover is appealing and eye catching. If you have a print and digital version of your magazine, consider adding interactive portions to your digital version. This can come in the form of links to your website or surveys and studies. When it comes to print publications, you need to ensure that every word and graphic on the page is optimized to draw readers in. If you have a high quality magazine, all you have to do is find the right audience

Ensure you're marketing to the right individuals
Once you've focused on the publication itself and improved its quality, it's time to focus on marketing. The content in your magazine should be targeted towards a specific group or niche of people. While your topics and voice might be on point in the magazine, you may need to adjust your marketing efforts. Look to see what other, similar publications are doing. See where they're advertising and spending their marketing budget. While you don't necessarily want to market in the same places, seeing what they're doing may give you new ideas for targeting the right people.

Once you've identified how you plan to reach your target audience, you need to market and advertise to them. Put together marketing campaigns that have online advertisements, traditional advertisements and content marketing efforts unified under your publication's brand. The more work you do here, the more people you'll attract.

Provide several ways of paying
The days of sending out postcards or letters to get people to renew their magazine subscription are over. Now publishers need to set up recurring payment processing so that customers don't have to think about paying. Offering a number of payment options, including ACH payments and credit and debit card payments will ensure consumers input their payment information for automatic recurring charges. While this won't attract people on its own, it will help keep readers once they subscribe

Consider free trials
People love getting free stuff. According to, free trials are a successful way draw in new subscribers. Make it easy for them to sign up for a free trial that gets readers a few issues. If the content is good enough, they may consider subscribing. Once the free trial is up, consider providing them with a discount. The discount can help get their payment information and once the discount is up, you can charge them the full price.

Utilize your website
Your website is a big part of your marketing strategy. You should have supplemental articles and information on your site that is interesting to customers. The website content should be shared on social media, which will drive people to your site and hopefully increase subscriptions.

When a person comes to your website, make sure the option to subscribe to the magazine is easy to find. Placing a link to the payment page in the footer or header can be effective. Also, utilizing calls to action that push people towards a magazine subscription will help.

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