Accept more payments from more places: donation processing and not-for-profit payment processing at home and abroad

International Payment Processing Solutions for Charitable Organizations

As a fundraising professional, you need to make sure that every pound, dollar or euro raised goes as far as possible to support your organization’s goals. As your payment processing partner, PacNet will provide you with the services you require to offer popular donation options in the UK, Europe, US and around the world, boosting response and reducing the cost of your campaigns at home and abroad.

No matter where your donors are based, or what form of payment they use to pay, you will enjoy fast access to funds in the very same bank account you use today. Our unique interface provides seamless reporting across regional, national or international chapters, providing a global view of all gifts processed.

International Payment Processing Solutions for Publishers
Cash Checks

Check and Money Order Processing

Send all your checks and money orders to PacNet for fast, cost-effective processing. We can clear checks payable to your organization’s name in over 60 currencies without delays or high fees.

Check Scanning – ARC / Check 21

If you receive a high volume of US checks, take advantage of the speed and security of PacNet’s Raven check scanning solution. Our high speed scanner captures a perfect image of each check and allows you to make your deposits electronically. Do you have multiple chapters? We can deploy scanners to multiple locations. According to your wishes, you can clear donations through one parent account, or multiple sub-accounts.

Direct Debit

Increase the annual value of gifts from your donors by offering convenient monthly giving options and obtaining donor permission to debit their account directly. It’s not easy for most people to pledge a gift of 200.00, but a monthly donation of 20.00 is well within many peoples’ budget, which adds up to an annual sum of 240.00 – and a savings on solicitation fees!

Credit Card Processing

PacNet provides multi currency merchant accounts in your organization’s name, as well as fast settlement of card transactions to whichever bank account you designate. Single and recurring gifts are supported.

Credit Card Processing
MarketDirect Secure Hosted Payment Page


PacNet’s secure hosted payment page is a simple way to integrate local currency credit card payment options for your internet campaign. Consumers see the exact amount that they expect on their credit card statement with no currency exchange, reducing confusion and possible chargebacks.

Virtual Terminal

Authorize telephone transactions in real time through our Virtual Terminal – a secure hosted solution that will improve call center efficiency without adding to your PCI compliance burden.

Send Outgoing Payments

Outbound Payments

Pay domestic and international suppliers, affiliates, incentives, refunds, rebates and other remittances by check, credit card, ACH or EFT.

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