Donors help nonprofit organizations survive. Without regular donations and volunteers there is no way most nonprofits would be able to continue to provide the programs and services that they do. Some of the best kinds of donors to have are ones that make regular payments. This recurring stream of funds ensures your nonprofit won't have to worry about money and can focus on what is really important. Here are some ways to make it easier for recurring donors to contribute:

Encourage donor registration
After a donor makes an electronic payment, have them register their information so they can more easily donate in the future. Also, when you collect data you can market fundraising campaigns to donor at a later date, according to NOLO. Mandatory registrations at the beginning of the donation process generally don't go over well with donors, and some may simply seek to donate funds elsewhere. Instead of putting registration at the beginning of the donation checkout process, consider adding it to the end. This will ensure they submit a payment.

Have several different forms of payment
Another thing to note is the importance of offering several different forms of payment processing. Not all donors want to pay with a credit card. Make sure your nonprofit takes electronic checks, direct debit and any other local alternative payment method popular among the areas of the world from which you accept donations.

Make recommendations for donor amounts
Many people who provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations don't know how much money to give. According to NP Engage, having levels of giving can help alleviate some uncertainties many donors may have. This can be helpful to people who would like to provide funds but can only give a little at a time. 

Set up automatic monthly donations
For those people who want to give but aren't going to slap down $1000, consider trying to get them to sign up for monthly donations. This will ensure you have a consistent amount of money coming in every month and even small amounts can seriously add up, according to NP Engage. While it can be difficult to get people to commit to paying every month, setting up automatic electronic payments will eliminate this issue. You don't want to make automatic payments mandatory. Instead have it as an option for donors to choose during the payment process.

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