Direct response television (DRTV) campaigns can be highly successful and should be utilized by nonprofits and businesses if appropriate. According to Koeppel Direct, DRTV has helped make several different well-known companies and products into successes. Proactive has $1.8 billion annual sales, P90x has $420 million and George Foreman Grill's Taco Maker has earned the boxing legend $200 million in royalties alone via DRTV ads.

While DRTV is highly effective, it can be difficult to run a DRTV campaign. Here are five things you need to focus on when running one of your own:

1. Have goals
Before you can even start thinking about managing and executing a DRTV campaign, you need to decide what your goals are. Make sure to set your goals high. That way if you don't reach them, you've still made some considerable progress. Share these goals with whatever DRTV company you hire to help you execute your infomercial campaign. 

2. Use an experienced team
DRTV isn't regular marketing and while you may trust your marketing team, unless they have experience running DRTV campaigns, you should hire a company that specializes. Do some investigating before you decide to choose any certain company for your infomercial needs. Ask around your industry to see what companies others have used.

Once you find a team of experts that can understand your vision and see what you want to do, let them do their job. However, make sure they keep you in the loop. You want to make sure your goals are being met. 

3. Stick to your budget
Expressing your goals to the company you're partnering with is important, but so is letting them know your budget restrictions. When you're creating your budget, make sure to keep some money set aside for unexpected expenses or setbacks. There are always a few things that are unaccounted for and it's better to have the money than to have to put the campaign on hold for a while. If you don't end up using the money you set aside, you're even better off. 

4. Offer several payment options
While much of the actual managing of the advertising campaign will be done by the company that you hire to handle the filming and production, in some cases you might have to come up with a solution for handling the payments that come in. Whatever solutions you choose, make sure they offer several forms of payment, including credit and debit card transaction processing and well as check processing. If there are any other payment methods you expect to need, ensure those are offered as well. You don't want to miss out on sales because you can't process the method of payment a customer wants to use.  

5. Track campaign success 
While you should definitely track the calls that come in, also make sure to track Web traffic. According to Target Marketing, you can track Web traffic by using alternative URLs and prefix tracking codes. If you only tracked the number of calls that came in, you'd only be seeing a portion of the full picture. 

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