Mobile purchasing has been experiencing lots of growth and will likely continue to grow. According to a Criteo, a personalized ad retargeting company, mobile ecommerce purchases make up 29 percent of all online purchases in the U.S. and around 34 percent of global sales. Predictions put the total number of mobile ecommerce purchases at 40 percent by the end of this year. Japan and South Korea lead the world in the number of mobile ecommerce transactions with over 50 percent of online transactions coming from mobile devices. Other Asian countries, such as China, are also making a lot of mobile purchases. Growth is evident in all retail categories, but fashion and luxury retailers are seeing the most mobile ecommerce payments. 

Why is mobile is growing so fast?
The growth is largely due to the ever-growing number of people who own and use smartphones and tablets. While tablets are being used to make purchases, smartphones are used more often. This may be due to the sheer number of them. According to BI Intelligence, in 2013, one in every five people on earth owned a smartphone. That number has continued to increase as time's gone on. Smartphone capabilities and technology keep getting more sophisticated over time. New apps are created every day and new ecommerce sites pop up all the time. All of this together means that mobile shopping is going to keep growing. 

What does this mean? 
Because people take mobile devices with them where ever they go, they can shop where ever and whenever they want. Shopping is now a 24/7 possibility for everyone in the world. Not only are store locations and hours irrelevant, but the location and time of day for the shopper doesn't matter.

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