Multiplatform, multichannel marketing will help drive more Generation X-ers to your ecommerce site. The members of Generation X have, according to American Express, more spending power than any other generation right now. While Millennials are some of the most tech-savvy people in the market, people who fit into Generation X are using several different platforms to make electronic payments every day. Actually, at least a portion of people of all generations are using multiple platforms to make online payments and surf the Web, but Generation X-ers have had to learn multiple platforms over the course of their lives. Now many of them use multiple platforms to do anything and everything. To attract these people to your ecommerce site, you have to appeal to them on all of the platforms they're using. 

Although the mobile market has been growing for all generations, you don't want to necessarily concentrate you efforts here. Sure, Generation X-ers are using their phones a lot, but if you focus all your efforts here, you'll miss out on opportunities elsewhere. X-ers are using several different platforms, so make sure to spend a little bit of your marketing budget on mobile but don't go too heavy.

Laptops and computers
While mobile computing is definitely growing, people in Generation X aren't giving up their computers any time soon. For this reason it's important to focus on more traditional forms of Internet advertising and marketing. Generation X-ers are known for wanting plenty of information on products before they buy and many of them access this information through their computers. Blogs, white papers and other informational content will help them get the information they need before making a purchase. 

Social media on all platforms
According to LaneTerralever, a full-service marketing agency, your best bet for reaching Generation X on social media is Facebook. Around two-thirds of them are active on the site. Because people in this generation have had to learn to fit social media into their lives, they probably aren't going to jump ship and go to the next big social media site. That being said, if you're going to spend some marketing dollars on social you should still try to spread them around on Twitter and Instagram as well. The good thing about social media is that it will reach X-ers on multiple platforms. People access their social networks from multiple devices, so there is a chance they will see your efforts no matter what they're using. 

In the end it's about data
Ultimately it comes down to where your customers are, and to determine that, you need data. Find out how your customers are accessing your site and focus on marketing to those people. This doesn't mean that you can forget about other platforms, but you probably don't need to spend as much effort there. Also, make sure to pay attention to the data constantly because it could shift over time.

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