As a nonprofit manager you are always looking for new ways to improve the number of donations coming in. While increasing the amount of fundraising dollars coming into your nonprofit's accounts isn't easy, it's definitely possible. Here are six great ideas to bring in some extra money this year.

Charity bake off
Having a bake sale is one thing, but making it a competition can up the ante and draw in even more cash than a typical sale ever could. According to Classy, the bakers that enter can charge people attending the event money for the goods. The customers vote on who wins, and a percentage of the proceeds go to your nonprofit.

Second-hand sale
Chances are, everyone has a shirt, pair of pants or jacket they don't need anymore. If they donate these items to your nonprofit, you could turn around and sell the articles of clothing for a profit. To really make this work it's best to have a few seasonal drives for donations and a couple of sales. The good thing about this idea is that everyone wins. Your nonprofit is able to bring in more money and community members can donate something they don't actually need or want.

People love winning prizes, and selling tickets for the chance to win an alluring prize can be a great way to raise money for a worthy cause. In some cases your organization won't even have to actually purchase the prize. suggested contacting a local business to donate the prize in exchange for an advertising event. This way the raffle can be conducted at little cost to your organization.

Raffles work best when paired with other events so consider having a bake sale, fish fry or some other type of fundraising event at the same time as your raffle. The more you bundle together fundraising ideas, the more donations you'll pull in at one time. When running a major event like this, you need to offer plenty of payment processing options to attendees. When you offer several ways to pay – checks, credit and debit cards, direct debit, mobile payments – you open the door for even more funds.

Email fundraising campaigns
Sometimes you just need to tap into your donor list. A few times a year, you should have a major email marketing campaign targeting people who are likely to donate. This can be past donors, volunteers whom you believe will donate or prospective donors you've acquired through online and traditional marketing channels. Drive them to your website and encourage them to make a donation through your online payment processor.

Hold a car wash
This method is tried and true. It is a common fundraising technique for school sports teams and small nonprofits. The main reason is it's relatively inexpensive and could lead to some significant gains. All you need to do is gather a group of volunteers, find a visible business location that will allow you to operate in their parking lot and get some vehicle cleaning supplies. Chances are the business will be happy to have your nonprofit hold its car wash event in their parking lot because it has the potential to increase traffic to their establishment.

Ask people to donate their receipt info
A little less typical technique to fundraising is turning people's receipt information into consistent funds for your organization. According to Double the Donation, companies will pay good money for consumer information, and nonprofits can use that to their advantage. Apps like Shoparoo and Receipt Hog allow people to snap a photo of their receipt and then donate the funds they earn to the nonprofit of their choice. This can be a great way to gain funds without putting much strain on your donors. Donors don't have to alter their spending habits or change anything they do on a daily basis, other than taking a photo of the receipts they get from the merchants they shop with.