While retail companies tend to get all of the attention during the holidays, nonprofit organizations can also get in the game.

If you're running a nonprofit and you want to increase the amount of donations you have coming in, consider focusing on fundraising during the holiday season. Here are some ways you can optimize your approah to bring in more funds:

Add more payment methods
While it might not seem like a big deal, some donors will simply go elsewhere if they can't pay the way they want to. Offering different payment methods such as direct debit can help donors make the decision to give some money during the holidays.

Before the season really gets under way, it's smart to reach out to your payment processing company and see what other options they can offer you. Before you simply add several payment options however, send out a questionnaire to everyone on your email list to see what your donors want to use.

Simplify giving options
According to ClearGive, it can be smart to simplify payment processing on your website. To start, consider making donation suggestions and streamlining the payment information page. You want to reduce the number of webpages that a donor has to visit and the amount of information they are required to provide.

Also, consider having a registration page at the end of the transaction process so donors can register and save their payment information for later. This will make repeat donations extremely fast and easy.

Work with the holidays
Try running a different fundraising campaign for each of the many holidays that come around. Christmas is probably the biggest holiday to focus on, but don't forget about Halloween and New Years. Every holiday is another reason to reach out to donors and try to get them to participate in your fundraising drive. Electronic payments can help make donations extremely easy so be sure to mention people can donate online in your marketing campaigns.

Thank your donors
As soon as your donor makes a donation they should receive a thank you email, but you need to ensure that isn't the last time you thank them. Providing hand written thank you cards or a personalized email can help donors feel the importance of their donation to your nonprofit. If neither an email nor hand-written letter will do, give donors a call on their telephone. Even if they don't pick up, you can leave a short message thanking them.

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