Obtaining more donations is always one of the many goals of a nonprofit. Without the generous donations from people dedicated to a cause, organizations can't complete their mission. As technology has evolved, electronic donations via the Web have become increasingly popular. While managing all the donations can be a big job, if don't take the time to make it as easy as possible for donors, they might find they don't have much to sort through. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies nonprofits can use to make things easier.

Put a donate button on every page of the website
Making a donation should always be one click away on a nonprofit website. On the bottom of every page, make sure to have a button that people can click that will take them right to the page where they can select their payment method and make a donation. If you put it at the top, it might be a little bit too much in the donor's face, so place it at the bottom of the screen and make it easily visible. 

Make your website mobile responsive
Mobile devices and smartphones are quickly becoming payment machines for many people. Consumers are doing everything from shopping for clothes to banking on their phones, so you can bet there are people who want to make donations from them. The best way to encourage this is to have a website that is responsive to the type of device the donor is using. If they're on a smartphone, the site should be easily viewable and usable. 

Add more payment options
The more ways donors have to pay, the better. Adding ACH payments and other electronic payments other than debit and credit cards can be a way to ensure that everyone who wants to make a donation can. Also, consider offering local payment options. Payments aren't made the same way around the world and if your donors come from many different places, local payment options can help. 

Streamline the donation process
The donation process shouldn't take long. Don't have donors entering any information they don't have to. If the process to donate takes too long, people may not finish the process. Try to get everything on one page so donors can quickly fill it out and make the payment. NP Engage suggested removing any distracting elements from the donation page. Keep things simple. Have nothing on the page but the places for people to input necessary information.