Refunds in any Currency


Improve customer retention worldwide by offering excellent customer service and quick, efficient refunds. PacNet provides you with the tools you need to address refunding your customers, typically providing you with a choice of approaches.

Refunds in Any Currency

Wherever your customers are based, they will appreciate receiving timely refunds in the currency they used to pay. PacNet offers payout services in over 130 foreign currencies.

Local Currency Refund Options

PacNet provides a wide range of local-currency refund options:

  • Issue easy-to-cash checks in your customer’s home currency. Checks are sent by FedEx or First Class Mail.
  • Refund direct to your customer’s credit or debit card.
  • Send local electronic transfer direct to the beneficiary’s account they originally used to pay.
  • Send Preloaded cards anywhere in the world.

No matter your requirement, we’re confident our refund payment options will suit your needs.

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