Scanner Initialization

Scanner Initialization

  • Beginning with the computer power off, make sure your scanner is connected and the scanner is turned on. Follow the sequence below:
    1. Confirm that the scanner is connected to the computer by either a SCSI, serial or USB cable
    2. Confirm that the power cord is connected to the scanner and is plugged into a power source
    3. Power on the scanner
    4. Power on the computer

To start the RAVEN Scanner application, either:

  • Select the Start menu: Start → Programs → RAVEN Application → RAVEN Scanner → choose RAVEN Scanner
  • Or DOUBLE CLICK the RAVEN Scanner icon on your desktop
  • Please note that the new RAVEN Scanner software is capturing the payment details as well as a high resolution image of the check. Due to the necessity of acquiring a high resolution image, processing will be slower than that of systems capturing account data entry.
  • It is recommended that you shut down your computer after use so the most updated version of the software is utilized on next login.

When the application starts, you will be asked to log in with user name and password. Your user name may have been provided by PacNet in conjunction with a RAVEN security token, or with a password. If you do not know your user id, contact: [email protected] Once you have logged in, select US from the list below the log-in fields; the RAVEN Scanner application will initialize the scanner, and you will see this screen:

If the scanner cannot be initialized you will see the following screen:

If the computer was turned on before the check scanning device, RAVEN Scanner may not be able to communicate with the check scanning device. In this case, you will need to power down the computer and follow the start up procedure at the beginning of the section. You may be asked to confirm the scanner model in order to attempt connection again. If the problem persists, please refer back to the check scanner installation procedure and ensure the scanner is installed correctly.

Once the check scanning device has been successfully initialized, the RAVEN Scanner application will open its main window:

5 Minute RAVEN Scanner Orientation