Multi-Currency Payouts

Payment Disbursement: Multi-Currency Payout Service

PacNet’s global payment services allow you to issue and send any volume of outgoing payments to beneficiaries around the world in virtually any currency. Whether you are paying refunds, rebates, affiliate commissions or prizes, our payment disbursement solutions will suit your needs.

Local Electronic Payment Processing

Two payment disbursement products:

  • Check Payments

    Send local-currency check payments by first class mail or courier. A personalized payment insert with your company’s message can be included to improve your brand awareness.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer

    Or send local electronic funds transfer (EFT) payouts directly to the bank accounts of your beneficiaries.

Currency Capabilities

In key international markets, offering customers local-currency prices and payment options can raise response rates while you enjoy easy access to funds in whichever currency you need.

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