Many e-commerce professionals argue against pushing online shoppers to register, but it does have some serious benefits.

To make the shopping experience easier for customers, many online stores have made their e-commerce payments as simple as possible. One way to do this is to eliminate the need for registering online shoppers before they make a purchase. According to Kissmetrics, many customers will simply go elsewhere if they are presented with a registration page before they make their purchase. This attributes to high shopping cart abandonment rates that some e-commerce stores have.

While registration can push customers away, the ones who do complete the registration often find that it was worth it.

Registration improves shopper experience

According to Practical Ecommerce, shoppers who register have a better time browsing the site. When a person registers, they volunteer some of their information. This data can be used to make recommendations whenever they revisit the site and alert shoppers of special deals that they might be interested in.

Also, registered shoppers benefit from the fastest checkout process. Ironically, this is why many e-commerce stores have decided to do away with registration – to make the process faster. While it does take some time to go through the initial registration process, customers who have registered can make purchases faster than non-registered people.

Registered customers receive better customer service

Practical Ecommerce reported in addition to having a better time while they’re shopping, customers who register also get better customer service. Not because they are favored, but because they have provided the e-commerce store with more info. That data can be used to help customers with any issues they have, including shipping, electronic payments, order placement, etc.

Additionally, customers who are registered will receive more communications from the store about products they have purchased or recommended products for them to buy. E-commerce stores may choose to provide registered customers with coupons and special holiday promotional codes as well, making it worth it to the consumer to spend the extra few minutes to register.

Set up registration after the purchase

Registration is important, but it still isn’t smart to make it a barrier between the customer and their purchase. Instead of placing the registration page at the beginning of the checkout process, consider placing it at the end. That way customers can buy what they want and then register if they want to. Make sure to give them a few reasons why they would want to register. Perhaps provide a coupon to newly registered customers that they can use at their next purchase.

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