To Scan Checks

To Scan Checks

To begin scanning, you will need to either open an existing payment file, or create a new one. As each check is scanned, it is placed into a payment file.

Create and Open a Payment File

  1. CLICK the Open File button on the lower left hand corner of the RAVEN Scanner application.
  2. Browse to the location of an existing payment file or to the location for a new payment file to be stored.

locate payment file

3. Either highlight the existing file you’d like to open or provide the name of the new payment file in the File Name field. We recommend naming the file using the following protocol: your account name, date of the file (eg. Acme Products 24 Jan 09 or ABC Co 240509).

4. CLICK Open.

Select a Payment Routing Number

Before scanning checks payable to a new name, the promotion or solicitation associated with the Payee name must be approved by PacNet. Upon approval, a new Payment Routing Number (PRN) associated with the new Payee name will be automatically downloaded via the internet the next time you log on to use the scanner. Each PRN corresponds to a specific authorized “payee” name; you must choose the PRN that corresponds to the payee name printed on each check. The Payment Routing Number may also be known as Merchant Name, Payee Name or Promotion.

  1. CLICK on the arrow beside the Payment Routing field at the top of the screen for a drop down menu.
  2. Select the Routing Number by scrolling down the drop-down list.

If the correct payee is not present, please contact Client Support at [email protected].

Take the first bundle of checks and tap them to align them. Open the Scanner pocket with one hand and slide the checks into the pocket with the right edge of the check forward. The number of checks the pocket can hold will depend upon the scanner model. Be careful not to overfill it.

If the checks are not positioned properly, the image that appears on the screen may be upside down or backwards. If this occurs, you will need to remove the checks and reposition them, i.e., if the image is upside down, reverse the position of the checks.

Scan and Enter Information

  1. CLICK the Scan button to start scanning
  2. Once you see the check image on the screen:
    1. TAB to the Amount Field and key in the Amount with no decimal (eg. Enter 3000 for 30.00)
    2. The amount entered will be the new default amount for all subsequent checks until changed
    3. (Optional) TAB to the Payment Reference field, if your organization wishes to associate a reference number with a check, you may enter it here. Likewise, TAB to the customer name field to enter a customer name.
    4. Press the ENTER key to go to the next check.

Use the TAB and SHIFT+TAB keys to navigate between fields and the ENTER key to advance to the next check.

Handle an account information mis-read

In some cases, RAVEN Scanner will not correctly read some or all of the account information or the check number printed on the check, and a red bar will appear around the MICR line. It may be necessary to correct the MICR data read by the scanner, which will clear the error situation and the check will be accepted.

It is important to note the characters on the check are included in the MICR line field. If any numbers or characters are missing, the field will highlight in red and the missing information will have to be entered before the scanner will accept the check.

Reject an item

If, for some reason, you do not wish to add the check or postal order displayed on the screen to your payment file, remove it from the output pocket (it will most likely be the second to last item), compare it to the image on the screen, and then CLICK on the Reject button.

Clear a check jam

From time to time the scanner may jam. The check may be removed and re-inserted. If it continues to jam, remove it and send it to PacNet with any ineligible items.

Correct an error

If an item is keyed incorrectly it may be edited. On the right side of the application window, a list of scanned checks will be displayed. DOUBLE CLICK on the check you wish to edit. This will open an editor which will allow you to update as required and save the changes.

Delete unwanted checks and blocked items

If a check was accepted in error, or if a check is identified as a ‘blocked’ item, you can delete it. First, remove the paper check from the batch of checks, select the unwanted check from the on-screen list, compare the account and check numbers to make sure you have the correct item and then CLICK the Delete button.

Switch Payee/Payment Routing Number

If a check displayed is for a different payee than the one currently selected, choose a new Payee/Payment Routing Number from the Payment Routing drop-down list.

To stop and restart

You can stop scanning and close the application at any point. It is not necessary to ‘save’ the batch. At any point in time, you can continue building the file by scanning more checks. Once the file is complete and ready for deposit to PacNet, then the file must be released (see Payment File Submission).