To View Check Totals

Payment file totals

The numeric total and the number of checks entered in the payment file are easily accessible: they are displayed in the lower right corner of the Check Listing Pane.

Sub-range totals

You may also need to see a numeric total for a selected range of checks within the Check Listing Pane.
To do this:

  1. Use SHIFT and CLICK to select a group of items.
  2. RIGHT CLICK on the highlighted selection in the Check Listing Pane.
  3. The total of the selection will be displayed on the pop-up menu.

You can also use CRTL and CLICK to select items that are not grouped together.

Blocked items will appear in red and will be submitted for payment unless they are deleted from your payment file. Therefore, the batch total includes the value of any blocked checks. Refer to Delete unwanted checks and blocked items.

Find an Item

To find a particular item:

  1. RIGHT CLICK anywhere on the Check Listing Pane.
  2. Select Find on the pop-up menu.

You can search again using F3 or CTRL F.