Virtual Credit Card Terminal for Call Centers and Order Desks

If your organization accepts cards by phone, then our hosted Virtual Terminal, included with every credit card merchant account, will help make your call center more efficient and cost effective. While any number of operators can use the Virtual Credit Card Terminal to authorize card debits in real-time, managers and those with higher permission levels can use their enhanced security logins to authorize credit card refunds and card credits. The Virtual Terminal is easily accessible using most popular web browsers and all transactions are processed securely using PacNet’s PCI compliant platform.

Reduce call backs

Reduce Errors, Call Backs and Lost Sales

Authorize transactions while your customer is on the phone to increase payment success. Operators can request alternative card information or confirm card details while your customer is still on the phone to avoid call backs and lost sales.

Increase Call Center Efficiency

Any number of operators or customer service representatives can process transactions through the virtual terminal at the same time.

Assign Permission Levels

Management can assign permission levels to employees based on their role, then track usage to ensure accountability.

Reduce Fraud

Fraud screening (such as Card Validation Value, or CVV) and risk flagging options (such as country of origin and excessive value flags) are included to help detect fraudulent activity and reduce risk of loss.

Multiple Integration Options

PacNet’s credit card processing solutions are suitable to multiple sales channels and Customer-Not-Present environments, for batch credit card processing, and for real-time credit card processing. Merchants that want to lighten their PCI compliance can use PacNet’s payment page (MarketDirect) and Virtual Credit Card Terminal solutions. Merchants who are using secure servers (and are certified PCI compliant) can exchange payment data with RAVEN, PacNet’s robust payment engine, using our easy to integrate API.

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