The group no longer offers payment services effective 22nd September 2016



On 22nd September 2016, the United States Government, Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control designated PacNet Services, approximately 33 group companies and subsidiaries, and 12 individuals as a “Transnational Criminal Organization” and added their names to its list of Specially Designated Nationals. As a result, it was impossible to continue business and the Group commenced an orderly shut-down of all its business activities.


The designations were based on a non-judicial allegation that PacNet conspired in fraudulent activities of “Direct Mail” marketers active in the United States and elsewhere. PacNet and its officers vigorously deny the accusation and have presented factual evidence to OFAC that the action was unjust and undeserved. No accusations whatsoever were made against Chexx Inc or Counting House.

Over the following 13 months the Office of Foreign Assets control removed the designations of all 12 individuals and all entities. 


All companies and individuals were removed from OFAC's Sanctions List.

Below are links to the official de-listing notifications for each PacNet related individual or entity named in OFAC's press release of 22 September 2016.  All individuals and entities originally named to the OFAC sanctions list were removed from the list between the dates of 16 February 2017 and 26 October 2017.   No PacNet Group related entity or individual remains on the list. 


26th October, 2017

All PacNet Group Companies


4th October, 2017

22nd August, 2017

21st June, 2017

6th June, 2017


16th May, 2017


6th April, 2017

16th February, 2017


The PacNet Services Group of Companies

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